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8 Things You Should Be Thankful About Having Male Hiking Buddy

8 Things You Should Be Thankful About Having A Male Hiking Buddy

You clicked on this link because you have this amazing male hiking buddy in your life. He’s the first person because you will ping when you want to go for a quick day hike or scale that difficult mountain top, just because you know that he will be up for that adventure – no questions asked.

He would come on time and would patiently wait for you at the meeting place, even if he knows that you’d show up at 8 – yes! He’s quite used to your tardiness. He’s supportive of you; whether it’s bringing a 60L backpack on a 2-day hike, to carrying a lot of extras even if you all agreed to pack light, to scribbling through rocks, to ascending a steep mountain top, or even taking the best Instagram shot – no contemplation, even if you can be really annoying, he always got your back. You are lucky you got your ultimate male hiking buddy! (Read: Mountainlust; 10 Life Hacks That Mountain Had Taught Me

I have always been one of the, and I find it really convenient to be around with my male friends especially when climbing mountains. I am not saying that female friends are less fun to be with, all I am saying is that life is less dramatic when I am with my male buddies. I know you got them too, so here are 8 things you should be thankful for his existence!



What is more admiring than a man who believes in the strength of a woman? A man who never underestimates your physical ability and endurance because you’re a woman? He would let you carry that 13 kilos weight on your back, because he knows you can. He would allow you to lead the trail, because he knows you can. He would let you to take the lead in hiking that rope segment, in going through those never-ending boulders, or even in crossing that river, because he knows you can. He’s a believer of your strength and ability, and that can make you feel more macho as a woman!



Although it’s true that he believes in your ability to carry that heavy load on your back, and that you can hike that grand mountain for hours, he’s still there in case you need a helping hand. He would serve as your human trek pole, when he knows that you would slip on that muddy trail. He would offer to porter your bag, when he knows that you cannot carry it anymore. He would pitch a tent for you, when he knows you can’t do it. He would boil water for you, so you can have a hot coffee in the morning. And he would even try to discover his inner photography skills, just to take your best shot for your next Facebook profile picture or your newest addition to your Instagram feed.



How many times have you thought of crazy spontaneous hikes, be it on a broad daylight or on a night time, and he gladly went up for it? You forgotten your headlamp and he willingly lent his to you? You had difficulty ascending a mountain and he patiently waited for you? You have asked him to set up your tent, and he just did it? You miscalculated the water you poured into the rice, and he still fixed it for you? And how many times have you had crazy mood swings and he totally understood? Despite you being a pain in his ass, he amazingly tolerates and lets things pass. He just shrugs it off, and laughs it all out. Even if you sense a slight irritation in his voice, he never really gets mad.



Remember that moment you were climbing a major mountain, and you almost felt like giving up, but he cheered you up? Your male climbing buddy won’t give you a hug nor ‘baby talk’ you to make you move; instead he’d tell you things. Weird things you won’t expect to hear at that moment, that would definitely make you move.



A male buddy can protect you, be it in any potential danger in the mountain or even from a notorious mountain Ninja. Let’s admit that even though we know in ourselves that we can hike that mountain alone, we will feel more secured and safe when we have our climbing buddy with us. Moreover, he is your on-the-go Wingman! He helps you filter out the jerks from the pure hearted.



This may not be true for everyone, but the majority of the male climbers that I have met are really good in cooking! Even yours is not, I am sure that your buddy won’t let you starve all throughout the hike. He had surely brought a can of sausage or maling to fill in your empty stomach, and bringing a pack of loaf of bread with a spread is a thoughtful gesture too.  Be appreciative enough.



When you’re with a male climb buddy, life is plain and simple. Your dramatic heartbreak can be sum up to: “Charge it to experience. Life goes on, so you gotta move on” – no more unnecessary quotable quotes or self-made aphorisms just to make you feel better. All your questions are honestly answered, because he’s a straight talker, and he would definitely tell you things as they are. While our female friends tend to be a lot more tactful in terms of giving their opinions on things, our male friend can be brutally honest.



You may have met him in one of your climbs, he may be an old friend of yours, a friend of a friend of someone you know, or someone who randomly walked into your life; your male climbing buddy is worth keeping for a life time. He’s a friend, a real friend. He’s trustworthy and reliable. He’s this pure-hearted guy who has no intention to pull up any ninja move to you. Unless of course, the stars will collide and the universe will decide – that your climb buddy would be your ultimate lifetime buddy too! That we’ll never know!

Tag your favorite male hiking buddy and thank him for being such an awesome soul that he is!


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