Hi, my name is Adah!

I teach, travel, and write. I am struggling but trying to blend my passion to touch lives with my lust to wander and with my love for life. I was a public school teacher in the Philippines who aimed to influence lives, who liked to make a difference, and who strived to inspire. I was in a very noble and fulfilling job. But in between school days, I was dreaming of becoming a long-term traveler, an inspiring writer, a good photographer, or even a legendary astronaut (if I would dream literally farther lol).

Then one day, I just knew I had to stop just wishing for these things to happen. I just knew that I could not just sit and daydream like how I did when I was six. I just knew I had to stop goofing around like a lost grown up. I just knew I had to stop just dreaming in betweeen school days, and that I had to really take a leap to make things happen. So in March 2017, I finally had the courage to make the boldest decision in my 25 years on earth. I quit my job as a public school teacher, a stable job, and left my home country for the past 25 years, including my family and friends. I left to live and work in Thailand, where I want to start pursuing my dream – to travel and write outside of my comfort zone.

Being born in the Philippines, a third world country in Asia, and raised in a lower class family; I was exposed to so much stereotypes on being poor and on being a woman, and on how limited the options are when you are both. Yet, I refused to settle. I’ve always known that there is so much more than the beliefs I was boxed in.
Yes. There are stereotypes and there will always be limitations, but I really think that it’s all up to you to defy and to breakthrough. If you know that you can do so much better and be so much better than what you do and who you are right now, please know that you’re always one decision away to an entirely different life.
Social status is not the sole basis on how far one can go in this lifetime. Therefore, I aim to inspire through my wanders and writings.

On daring choices, on living life, on deconstructing love, and on redefining travel: Deviating from the norms, getting out of the comfort zone, and exploring the unfamiliar. This is what Pinay Wanderess is all about