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Dear Strong Beautiful Woman, Never Settle For Less

Never settle for less.

You’ve been there, you’ve done that. Would you really want to go through that again? Would you really want to risk it again? Would you really want to have your fragile heart to be at stake again? Is he really worth it?

Pause and think.

I perfectly understand how you feel about this man. He amazingly fits your ideals or at least you think. I perfectly understand how exciting it is to go over the whole “getting to know each other” stage with a total stranger. I perfectly understand how it feels to be giddy over ‘good morning and good night text messages”, or how awesome it feels to stay up late at night for a late conversation with him about random things. I perfectly understand how magical it is to be in love, once again. Trust me, I perfectly understand what you’re going through right now. But let me remind you that you have to slow down, and think. Why do you think he doesn’t want to put labels to “whatever” you have? Why do you think he doesn’t seem to be into “it”? Why doesn’t he let you know his intention?  Darling, because he can’t figure it out himself. Yes, he likes you, but he doesn’t really know where you’re heading. He gives you mixed signals which always make you so confuse right now. He’s uncertain of what he wants. He doesn’t know if he can give you what you are hoping for. He’s putting you on hold. Because if he isn’t, why are you reading this?

Darling,  he should be bringing out the best in you, but why are you allowing him to trigger out the insecure-always-seeking-for-validation woman in you? Heed the red flags and look around you. Would you really want to push through with this? I know you have bunch of doubts. So let me tell you that when you are in doubt, you must not do it. Why would you settle for less, when you can have the best? You’re a fine young lady. You got it all to be the best. You’re street-smart and intelligent. You are talented. You’re strong-willed and independent. You have a pure heart. You are beautiful. Do not allow the goodness in you to be consumed by all these uncertainties. Save your heart, do not let your guard down. You are young. Do not settle just because you are lonely. Focused on yourself and keep learning about you. Keep growing and nourishing your pure heart and soul. You’ve worked hard on that for such a long time, are you just going to give up all that for such undeserving man?

Pull yourself together, it’s not yet too late. Please realize that you deserve more than what he can offer. Never ever chase a guy, you deserve to be chased. One day, when the time’s right, the right man will come a long and he’ll chase you, court you, and love you in way you will never imagine. He’ll make you the most special woman in his universe. Just wait and seize every day. You are one in a million. Never settle for less, because you deserve the best! Stay happy and gorgeous as ever! I love you! 






About the writer:

She is a young teacher-writer-wanderess from the Philippines. She blends her passion to touch lives with her lust to wander and with her love for life. She’s consumed by all things pertaining to places, people, culture, and words. Follow her adventures on Instagram@pinaywanderess and on Facebook.

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