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If You're Hurting Right Now, Read This

If You’re Hurting Right Now, Read This

This goes to you who is hurting right now. To you, whose heart is breaking into pieces.

To you, who loves with all your heart and soul but never gets the same love back.   

To you, who has given literally everything that you have up to the very last piece until there’s nothing more left, know that you have done enough. Do not blame yourself, it should not make you any less. He just chooses not to give back.

To you, who is hurting and miserable since the time you cannot remember, please know that love isn’t synonymous to pain and misery forever.

To you, who has questioned your worth million times over, know that you are worthy of love, of commitment, of security, and of everything in between. Please know that you are enough, have always been, and will always be.

To you, who continuously believes and clings to the idea that he might change someday and things might get better soon, know that you deserve way better. Do not settle. You are meant to be with someone greater and meant to do something better.

To you, who never gets tired of hoping, know that you should have let it go long time ago, and should have stopped waiting. It’s been a while you’ve been whining. You owe yourself all the better days that are coming.

To you, who has been tirelessly trying her best to save this broken man who won’t love you the same, this unworthy man who won’t commit and compromise, because he got all the excuses in the world, and this guy who does not value you the way you should be valued; please save yourself.

To you, who has been getting a half-baked love from a half-hearted soul, you deserve more.

Please, love yourself.

Remember those days, when you worked so hard to protect your heart? You built walls around it, walls that as high as those buildings that rise in the most expensive cities in the world, concrete and stable enough for all the emotions to be kept on the shore. You vowed to keep your heart safe, that you wouldn’t let even the slightest sting of pain come its way, that no one could break in unless he’s deserving — and please know that he is not. 

Please, save whats’s left in your precious heart.

And if ever you already did, you did the best choice. The pain will sting for a while, but it will not last long. The memories will linger for a while, but it will not last long. You will feel empty for a while, but it will not last long.


If You're Hurting Right Now, Read This


You will be better, and when the healing finally comes, I wish that you could build the guts to fill the vacated space in your life with something beautiful, or with anything that you’ve been wanting to do.

I wish that you could use up your time working on the best version of yourself. And when you’re ready, I really wish that you could find the courage to cross that one daring thing off your life bucket list to give you a good kick on life whenever you feel stuck on the pain of the past.

Someday everything is going to make sense, you’re going to know why and discover what’s not, and you’re going to figure out that all you had to go through are fucking worth it. 

If you are hurting now, you will be fine, as always, like the old days.

The storm and chaos in your heart will slowly be replaced with peace and serenity. Everything that had gone wrong will be falling in their proper places in your own beautiful galaxy.

It’s will be over soon, beautiful.
Your struggle will pass. You will rise and you will be shining again!

    July 9, 2017 at 7:23 am

    Awwwwwww. 🙁

  • Mitch
    July 25, 2017 at 2:37 am

    Thank you! I feel every word. As if I’m the one who wrote it.

  • Rhej
    August 3, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Is this me? haha. I am getting in there. 🙂

  • Roan Espanto
    October 27, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Thank you!!!. Gumaan yung feeling ko nung nabasa ko tong blog mo. 🙂 We we’re together for 7 yrs and it’s been 2 months since we parted ways, and yes I’m getting there “I will rise and shine again”. 🙂
    I also read your other post and I want to try solo travelling also but I’m scared. I don’t know how to start. I always plan but I always think “Kaya ko ba?” “Nakakatakot”. haha. Pero nung nabasa ko sa blog mo yung fulfillment, excitement and freedom gusto ko itry. 🙂 konting ipon pa ng lakas ng loob 😀 haha

    Thank you Ms. Adah for this wonderful and heartwarming post.

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