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Maybe You Have To Stop Rushing Things In Your Life Right Now

Life is fleeting. Everything moves fast.

Everyone seems making the most out of life until it lasts. Everyone lives life and goes all out – everyone does, except you. There you are, trying to pull your shits together, and feeling shitty about not being able to catch up. You feel like you aren’t doing anything just because you aren’t doing anything as huge as they do. You feel so lost, because you are in a rush. So you click on this article because the writer seems like she has figured it all out, but you are wrong, because I have not.


Yes, you read it right. Like you, I haven’t figured it all out and I am also struggling, trying my best to pull my shits together. Like you, I am constantly doubting, searching, failing, and trying. Like you, I have worries and fears. But maybe, the only difference is that I have stopped rushing things. I am no longer in rush. I am walking my way through the path that I have chosen at my own pace. I have stopped belittling all my efforts to step forward no matter how tiny my steps are and no matter how insignificant it may seem to world that I am in. Well, you can probably say that maybe this is petty compared to how huge is the deal and demand of trying to figure everything out. But maybe you have to stop rushing things in your life right now, so you can redefine your purpose. Maybe you have to stop rushing things in your life right now, and maybe like in mine, it can also make a whole lot difference in yours.


When I decided to leave everything back home, this was a four-year decision in the making and rooted to my belief that I was meant for greater things – I just have to take one step to start to walk through it. Although it was not an overnight decision, I knew that leaving home was carefully thought move from one point of my life to another to get to my destination. But the way isn’t linear and smooth; rather it is made of what seem to be endless curves, turns, and entirely rough roads and crossroads. It has been months now since then and I could feel the struggle deep in my bones, it is never easy. Everyday offers something that would challenge my being and would test how flexible of a human being I am in all aspects. It is crazy. But every single day I make myself proud for braving all the struggles and making it through the day even tougher. I make myself proud for knowing things more I didn’t learn in my comfort zone, and knowing myself more amidst all the inconvenience.


I have realized tons of life worthy-keeping thoughts, and one of the most precious wisdom I have discovered is the divinity of stillness. Before I took the great leap of my lifetime, I was constantly moving and doing many things. I had so many slashes in my bio. I was a teacher, slash writer, slash paddler, slash runner, slash hiker, slash climber, slash traveler, slash community worker. I was juggling everything at once, trying to explore all my potentials. I was hungry for experiences and events to fill in my life. I thought that that was the whole point of living – doing many things at once. I thought that being constantly in transit is synonymous to living life, so as being still is synonymous to stagnation, and I was damn wrong. In this journey, I have figured out the beauty in being still, the peace in not doing anything huge all the time, and the harmony of being with yourself. I have learned that life isn’t really a race, I mean I knew about this cliché before, but it’s only now that I am able to appreciate the essence of it.


I honestly think that we are so obsessed with the series of events in our lives. They are like drugs. They make us mad. We do one new thing, and we immediately look forward to the next. We live one day after the other. There can be no gaps. We even make sure that we do something meaningful and significant every single time. We can’t be doing nothing. We procrastinate, yes. But there has to be something tangible at the end of the delay. So there is always a continuous efforts of filling all the gaps with spontaneity and adrenaline rush, and all exciting things in between. We are constantly pursuing something or else we aren’t living. We sort of think like we’re in a race where we get loads and stacks of things to accomplish to validate our existence. Everything around us is fleeting and so is our life. We like to call ourselves spontaneous, and we do not like monotony.


But what we often overlook is that, it is during idleness when we can hear the silence of who we should be and what we must become, and the loudness of who we really are and what we really want to be. It is during those gaps that we actually find ourselves. It is during those times of doing nothing that we are actually making things happen. And it is during those moments that we could feel that we are actually alive and living, and not just merely existing. Maybe we have to stop rushing things in our life right now and start taking things slow.


Maybe you have to stop rushing things in your life right now. Maybe you have to give yourself credit for walking through the path you chose despite how difficult it is, whatever that is, even how little your steps are. Maybe you have to pause for a while, see how far you have gone, and appreciate you. Maybe you have to stop beating yourself up for not getting there yet, for procrastinating, for taking it slow, for not having the best day everyday. Maybe you should be reminded that you did a very good job right there as you fearlessly walk through your chosen path, you will get there no matter how slow it may take. You will get there; you just have to be patient. Maybe we have to stop rushing things in our life right now and start taking things slow.

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